Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Photos from Henrik's Gold in the Net Camp this Summer

I found some photos of Henrik's time at Gold in the Net back home in Sweden. I'm sure these kids are so psyched to be able to learn from Henrik!!


  1. Henrik's an awesome goalie, I prefer his Bauer Pads over his TPS pads. I've used both models...well the ones his are supposed to be. NHL guys get special treatments and customizations that you don't get outside of the pros.

  2. Darn, Hutch, I just saw this comment! I thought I had it set to where I would be e-mailed about comments, but obviously not. I need to fix that. Sorry for not responding. And thanks for the comment!! I actually think you were the first!

    Are you using the Bauer pads now? Or something different. Is there a big difference in the different pads? Are pads expensive?