Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why Goalies, Carol?

So, you say, "Why so much love for the goalies, Carol?" Well, let me try to explain.

I'm a newcomer to hockey...didn't grow up in a hockey area (West Central, basketball and football.) I was never exposed to it. Until I exposed myself during the Olympics this year. And I fell in love with the game!

The first individual player I took notice of was Henrik Lundqvist, goalie for Sweden. What skill!! I saw the skill before he even took his mask off. He set the Olympic record for scoreless minutes for a goalie this year.

After I noticed Henrik, I started noticing other goalies. And the thing I noticed about all of them? Their masks!!! Those freakin' cool masks!! All painted up. I was hooked!! I seriously fell in love with the goalie position because of the masks.

Now since that time, I've come to really appreciate their skills, of course. There is nothing cooler than an awesome save. Seriously, I don't think watching somebody make a pretty goal is near as cool as watching an awesome save. I could watch saves all day long.

Hence, why I love goalies. They're my boys!!

And I am still fascinated by the masks. I scour the internet looking at photos of masks. I don't even know who many of the players are yet who wear them, but I have to see the masks. I will be sharing some of my favorites in posts to come.

All hail the coolest players, GOALIES!!!

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